About us –

Techfix247 is dedicated to giving technical solutions for every home and business, utilizing effective

network software and tool. We have more than 5 years of experience in handling difficult technical

issues related to email, printer, router, computer, Laptop, server etc.

Techfix247 computer specialists have been the Microsoft Certified Desktop engineer and server

engineers who can handle all type of technical issues related to your business and home devices.

Whether your small business needs a tech support expert, IT consultant, or systems engineer,

Techfix247 is the smart choice for computer help with email migration and support, security and virus

protection, network integration and IT outsourcing.

With Techfix247's service model we can provide remote and phone support to your home and business

IT needs.

The significant concerns of homes & businesses that need IT support revolve around three key points:

Productivity: When your time is spent on trying to fix the computer problems by yourself, you aren’t

spending your time on your business. With Techfix247's services, you can spend your time doing what

you do best – running your business and taking care of your home. Our expert technician would handle

the issue and give you a call after finishing the work.

Cost: With flexible payment systems ranging from per incident to monthly and yearly contracts,

Techfix247 can provide support to your business or home in the manner that best suits your operating


Dependability:  You need your IT solutions to work as hard as you do. Techfix247 provides premium

support and solutions that directly address the requirements of home to small and medium sized

businesses. Our support is available 24*7*365. We only charge the said amount for the service if only

the problem you are facing is fixed. If our support people are not able to fix the problem, there is no

charge for the hours they spent trying to fix the problem.


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