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About Yahoo:

Yahoo is a web service provider company. Its headquarter was established in Sunnyvale, California. The company was founded by Jerry Yang and David filo in 1994. When yahoo was invented, it was the biggest revolution for the internet world. Because the company was not offering the news only, it was also giving such an amazing features, like- email, news sharing, yahoo answers community, small business, yahoo finance and some other useful features. in 1990 era, yahoo was one of the most popular websites in the whole world and still it coming on top 10 popular website. In 2016, yahoo has been sold to Verizon communication for $4.48 billion dollars.

There are almost seven hundred million people, who are using yahoo services for permanent basis and yahoo is getting almost 7 billion page views every day. And users are quite happy with its services. Because yahoo is promising for great services as well, But sometimes, people get little frustrated with it. When they have any problem with yahoo and they can’t get it fixed. When you such kind of problem with yahoo. I will suggest you go ahead and contact to yahoo support or you may also take a look at yahoo support page for help.

Yahoo Mail Tech Support-

When you use any software or application, there is a possibility, you may have the problem with it. The same thing happens with yahoo mail as well. If you are using a yahoo mail and you are having any problem with the email system. Do not get frustrated.

Do not worry, just relax and call yahoo mail tech support toll free number and ask for assistance. their technicians will simply go ahead and fix the problems for you.

Yahoo mail tech support is always ready to help you 24/7 throughout the year.  Yahoo mail tech support owns a team of highly qualified technicians. Who is always ready to help you out each time. Whenever you face any problem with the yahoo mail.  If we talk about the key feature of calling yahoo tech support, they are listed below.

  • 24/7 availability for yahoo tech support throughout the year.
  • Yahoo tech support offers live chat support for their clients.
  • You may also contact yahoo tech support using email support feature.
  • 99% resolution rate.
  • Waiting time not more than 2 minutes.

We believe in customer service. So that’s why we do not believe in putting customer call on the queue for a long time. When you try to call yahoo mail tech support, our support agents will try to receive your call within two minutes.

If we talk about the mission of yahoo tech support, our mission is to provide an ultimate service to yahoo customer, so we can see you happy. That’s why when you call the yahoo mail tech support phone number. Yahoo support technician will listen to your problem very carefully first. Then they will start providing you useful troubleshooting steps.

Learn how to create an account on yahoo?

Recover yahoo account password –

According to the yahoo support technician’s, when they receive any call. Every third people are complaining about the sign in issue with their yahoo mail. Their word is , they can’t sign into yahoo mail. And don’t know how to reset the yahoo password.

Well when you have any problem like that, you may try to reset the yahoo account password. By clicking on the link given below:


If you can’t recover your yahoo mail account with the above link. You can call yahoo support toll free number. But as we all know, every email company is very strict about email security policies. So if you have forgotten the yahoo mail password and calling yahoo mail tech Support Company to reset the yahoo account password.  They are surely gonna ask some security questions.  So they can verify your account ownership. If you will answer them correctly, they will surely send you a link to reset the password.

yahoo mail tech support

Yahoo Sign in issue –

Another biggest issue for yahoo users is the sign in issue. When you have this issue with your email, there are so many possibilities. Which may be causing such kind of issue, but mostly it happens, when you type incorrect user information or due to the browser issue.

So First you should check your username and password. if that information is correct but still you are having the same problem with yahoo mail. This can be related to the browser as well. So you should try to reset the browser.

If it is not fixing the problem you may call on yahoo support phone number and get assistance by the live technician.

Common Problems Related Yahoo Mail –

  1. Sign in issue with yahoo mail.
  2. Can’t send emails from yahoo.
  3. Can’t receive emails from yahoo.
  4. Yahoo server down.
  5. Yahoo mail not loading.
  6. Can’t sign into yahoo on the smartphone.
  7. Can’t sign into yahoo on the third-party application.
  8. Imap server not responding to yahoo mail
  9. Pop Server issue.
  10. Yahoo mail forwarding issue.
  11. Synchronizing with other accounts issue.
  12. Yahoo mail lost.
  13. The issue with managing multiple accounts.

Other useful yahoo support links

When you face any problem with yahoo mail and you are unable to communicate to yahoo support via the toll-free number. You may go ahead and use other useful features. which is listed below:

  1. Yahoo Support Forum – this is a community forum for yahoo users. whenever they have any kind of problem-related to Yahoo products. They can post their query on the forum and it will be answered by other yahoo support technicians of experts.

If you want to go to yahoo support forum you may go by using the link given below:

  1. Yahoo Chat Support- yahoo chat support is for premium customers only. If you are a free webmail user. I am sorry, you won’t be able to use it anymore.

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